Jan and Ian


OK, so we had enjoyed the Tower’s evening performance, but now it was time for the main event!
Many years ago Jan and I started giving Meg and Charles EXPERIENCES for presents rather than STUFF. We reasoned that they were fortunate enough to have pretty much all they could possibly need in life and the best thing we could do was to unlock the wonders of life a different way: by introducing them to new experiences.
Theatre, concerts, galleries, cycling holidays, restaurants, quests and adventures: they were the things we introduced them to when we could and it was wonderful for us to see them embrace each one and wonder what we might come up with next.
One of those presents was to the top of Melbourne’s Eureka Tower- at the conclusion of which Meg announced, “That was awesome! Now we should climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge!”
OK, fair enough, we reasoned… we will! And so a year or two later Christmas and birthday presents combined to see us all fly to Sydney and take on the bridge climb, which M & C both enjoyed immensely again and prompted another Meg pronouncement, “Now it has to be the Eiffel Tower!”
That was a bit harder… Not exactly a quick weekend trip, that one. But the stars all aligned eventually and with M & C both at high school now we figured it was the perfect time to do just that… and so we are here in Paris. And today we completed the third climb (although we cheated a bit and took the lifts πŸ˜‰) On a perfect Paris spring day we tackled the , surprisingly reasonable, crowds and toasted our success at the top. Awesome, absolutely awesome.
Oh, and Meg’s next “have to out-do that one” request… I shudder to think!





  1. emma rodda

    Wow, that’s really high. I’m glad you tackled that with them, and Meg it’s only ok to have champagne in Paris at the top of the Eiffel Tower. xx

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