Jan and Ian


This is where our ride begins… just not quite yet!

Thanks to Swiss Rail’s uncharacteristic mangling of my bike we have had to make our two night stay into a three-nighter. But, that just gave us a better chance to take in this pretty little city which punches above its weight in the way of scenic delights.

It wasn’t love at first sight, however. We arrived to grey, cold skies and before long a chilly rain was dampening our hopes of a perfect springtime start to our trek. The wet cobbles did add a bit of magic to the evening with smeary colours everywhere, though, and even with the chilling rain the Old Town’s twisty streets and hidden treasures were great to explore.

Waking up on Sunday to find out about my busted bike didn’t help at all, but our enforced lay-over got a lot better with the perfect early spring day and the chance to explore a little bit further afield on our bikes (precarious though my ride was, of course).

Chur has only 35000 or so people but feels bigger in a lot of ways. It has all the services you could imagine, from a complex public transport system to a university and even an army base. Yet it is compact and nestles into a pretty valley, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It is hardly a tourist Mecca, but the Medieval Old Town, river valley and mountain trails are just waiting to be discovered and explored- and our extra day was spent doing just that! 



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