Jan and Ian

Goodbye Alps… (Three countries in one day)

Since we arrived in Switzerland we had been exploring the Alps, in awe at their beauty and sheer majesty. Today we started to leave them behind and, for good measure, we skipped back and forth from Switzerland, to Liechtenstein and finally to Austria. (We will be doing quite a bit of this country-hopping over the next few days. Telstra, helpfully, sends me three texts each time we cross a border- one to warn me I am in danger of forfeiting my entire life’s savings if I make a phone call or check my email, one to tell me the exact charges, in excruciating detail, of each foolish attempt to use my phone, and one final message, in a far cheerier tone, telling me how much money I’ll save if I subscribe to Telstra’s International Travel Pass- even though it would still cost more than I spent getting to Switzerland in the first place! Anyway, thank you Telstra for letting me know I have crossed each international frontier!)

Visiting Heidi’s place yesterday had shortened our ride a bit so today we were determined to catch up. We set off along the fast-moving Rhine towards Lake Konstanz (Constance) 83 km away enjoying a tail wind and beautiful day. Progress was good and the scenery, once again, was a joy. I love how European villages can have a meadow and cows grazing right alongside a vineyard, a housing development and even the village centre. Fantastic!

For an hour or so we were in Liechtenstein, which is about the maximum you. An actually be in the tiny Principality when you pass through by bike. We even spent a coffee break in the capital, Veduz, which is even more calm than Switzerland.

About half way through the day the breeze had become a head wind and the temperature dropped a lot. We braved to changed conditions and even survived on a lunch of one tub of yoghurt and the four chocolates we were given at the Victorinox shop when I bought a new pocket knife in Geneva, so we could arrive as early as possible.

Bad Ragaz to Bregenz: 83.3 km. Three countries: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria.









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