Jan and Ian

Rain, rain…

It didn’t look good. Last night after dinner we walked out to find the streets shimmering with puddles and sparkly, streaky windows on the cars. When we awoke and looked out the window the clouds were low over the mountains and drizzle was falling. When we finished breakfast the sound of car tyres on wet streets could be heard outside the hotel and when we walked outside, rugged up for the chilly morning, our bikes and helmets were dripping. 

And then we started riding…

And there wasn’t a single drop all day. Whew! Mind you, it was freezing and by the time we had passed through one gorgeous Lake Constance town after another and reached Friedrichshafen out toes were probably frozen (it was hard to tell- we couldn’t actually feel them but the chorus of, “Let It Go” was on repeat in my head.) 




Luckily Friedrichshafen had warm food, hot chocolate and the Zeppelin Museum. Yep, Zeppelin Museum. Fantastic! Lots of cool history and a life sized reproduction of the passenger section of The Hindenburg, bedrooms, bar, lounge, bathrooms and all. Now THAT was the way to travel! (Apart from the explosive hydrogen gas bit, of course.)

Well thawed out we hopped on the ferry and cruised across Lake Constance to arrive in Konstanz in time for Happy Hour and tapas… almost as good as arriving by Zeppelin. 

Bregenz to Konstanz: 36.9 km plus ferry across Lake Constance. Two countries: Austria, Germany



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