Jan and Ian


The rain stopped… quick, back on the bikes!

We knew we might not get another chance to move on, with the forecast up till Easter being wet and windy, so when morning brought cloudy but dry skies we knew it was the best chance we might get. Another bonus was the gale force winds forecast were behind us- now that’s an opportunity too good to ignore. The second bonus was that our next stop would be in France- Switzerland’s eye-watering prices would be just a painful fiscal memory!

Apart from a bit of confusion leaving Basel everything went smoothly. The wind pushed us along and the few travellers on the trail going the other way definitely had the worst of the day. Not even the giant rodents that came up for an inquisitive visit near the lifting bridge slowed us down. We rode for twenty or so kilometres through a lonely forest, only pausing for a shared baguette near a touching war grave.

Just when we were congratulating ourselves on the speedy day (NEVER get ahead of yourself) the track turned straight into the wind. It may have been for less than one kilometre but we were hit with 80 km/h gusts and found ourselves pretty much stopped in our tracks. Then the track disappeared and we were on the busy road the rest of the way in to Neuf-Brisach, our overnight destination. Now the wind was hard to the side and we were buffeted whilst trying to maintain a straight path, avoiding the rough edge and the passing trucks. A bit hairy.

Our destination turned out being quite amazing: a planned 18th century fortified town surrounded by a complex dry-moat system and neatly laid out as an octagon within a star. We even got a little sunshine to reward our efforts. Lovely!
















  1. rubyreddress100

    I am loving your pix. I am getting inspired. How did that recumbent stand up by itself? Wishing you fine weather.

    • Thanks Fiona! If you look closely you’ll see a kick down stand at the front, under the black pannier. Very clever bike- seemed better than the similar bike we saw a few years ago on the Loire. The couple had two children in the trailer!
      Jan thinks you’d have to ride at the front- very comfortable and Ben would have to do all the steering. ( could you let him do that? 😊)

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