Jan and Ian

Did I mention rain?

Yep, still raining. Cold rain, really heavy rain. The kind of rain that comes with a chaser of 50 km/h winds. Hmmm.

We had the best of intentions… even walked out of the hotel dressed in our riding gear, panniers ready to load on to the bikes. But best intentions only count for so much when you just KNOW that on 15 minutes you will be soaked, freezing, uncomfortable and still 60 kilometres from where you want to spend the night. Hmmm…

Time for a little more “Plan B!”

We always knew there would be days when riding might prove to be impossible and today seemed to be one of those. It was disappointing to head to the station to roll on to the next train along the river, but there wasn’t really any other practical choice. Today it was train, or stay another day in Waldshut- and as nice as it is, we couldn’t lose another day. 

An hour later we were in Basel, our last Swiss stop. Basel is Switzerland’s third biggest city, home to big pharmaceutical firms, birthplace of, amongst others, John Calvin, Jung, Nietzsche, Holbein (the younger), L.S.D., Ana Ivanovic and, possibly the most notable of all, Roger Federer! Quite a roll call. 

Unfortunately, it was Monday when we arrived and in Switzerland that means everything is geschlossen! (Closed!) 

It was a. It of a downer at first but as we wandered we discovered the amazing Town Hall, Munster Cathedral, a lively (for a Monday) Old Town and enough to console us that it had actually stopped raining, and we could have made an attempt to ride… some of the way, at least, if we had waited till late afternoon to leave Waldshut.








One comment

  1. Nancy Jones

    There are benefits of rain! Green pastures for dairy cows = super milk for Swiss chocolates. Love the Easter deco.

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