Jan and Ian

Little France…

I actually always thought Strasbourg was in Germany. When I was little we called any vaguely salami like sausage “German” sausage and if it was especially “exotic” (i.e. It had “bits” in it) it suddenly became “pork strasbourg” or “stras”.

Things were very different when I was little.

Anyway, Strasbourg is, of course, in France. Just. The border with Germany is a stone’s throw away but the vibe is definitely French. There is even a part of the Old Town called “Little France” just to emphasise the point.

We had a great time exploring in the drizzly rain (the cold, wet weather has pretty much killed the pre-Easter market and festival scene here, to the dismay of the stall holders, but it hasn’t daunted us at all. I’ve probably mentioned the unseasonably cold spring they are having around here more often than it has really hindered us- rest assured, we are not hunkered down in a blizzard or torrent!)

Strasbourg is very definitely a special city. Amazing history and buildings (a 1000 year old cathedral, for crying out loud!) It is only a quarter of a million people but it is the capital of a populous region so the infrastructure is pretty impressive. The tram system is efficient and the local bike scheme, Velhop, is innovative and popular. Locals can use a city bike for only about €30 per year and Uni students get 10 months for even less. Very cool!

There is also the Court of Human Rights and Parliament of the European Union, both located just out of town and bringing a lot of prestige and business to the city.

All in all, a good stop-over for two curious cyclists dodging rain showers (and sticks!)





  1. Ah yes, we loved Strasbourg. My partner’s family is from southern Germany. So we cycled from there (Karlsruhle). We recognized the sauerkraut, some of the sausage, kugelhof, tortes, etc. Yes, I did blog about this.

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