Jan and Ian

Sticks and stones… and Strasbourg.

To get from our little overnight village of Neuf-Brisach to Strasbourg is fairly straight-forward. You ride through the North city gate (the one destroyed by a cannon-ball sometime in the 18th century), turn right, follow the little path for a hundred metres or so, turn left at the canal and follow it… for sixty kilometres. Yep, sixty. In a straight, unwavering line, no less. If it weren’t for the little wiggle you have to execute to avoid slamming in to the lock walls every two kilometres or so you wouldn’t actually need to steer at all!

Actually, that (like quite a lot that I try to remember and record here) isn’t completely accurate. Since the big wind two days ago the entire distance was littered with leaves, vines, twigs, sticks, small branches, bigger branches, really big branches, get off the bike and unblock the path because you can’t actually get through unless you do branches and stones. *

So, there really was a fairly pressing need to steer, really. Either that or crash, roll into the canal and possibly drown, sort of need. 

Anyway, we slalomed our way sixty kilometres along the unerringly straight path, negotiated some real twists and corners when we arrived in Strasbourg and eventually finished our 74km ride at the very welcoming Diana Dauphine Hotel and began our very delightful stay in Strasbourg!

*Actually there were no stones. That part wasn’t completely accurate.







  1. It looks very very straight…lucky for you the sticks & stones may have stopped you sizing off…Happy Easter ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฐhope the Easter Bunny finds you xx

    • Thanks for finding our blog! Strasbourg is a great place to visit, so much to see in the city and great countryside around to explore too.
      We were only passing through on our way from Switzerland to Amsterdam so I don’t really know much about the best cycling areas, but from our experience the city itself would be good to explore by bike as there is a good network of bike lanes and shared paths to follow. Most of the old town is best explored by foot, so bikes are best when you head out of town. The way along the canal to the European Parliament area is great fun, with boats, storks nesting, lots of people jogging and walking. You can go further too. We came from Neuf-Brisach, but that is over 70km. along the southern canal. You could head that way to enjoy the canal and then turn back to make it a day trip, or perhaps return on a different route.
      The Tourist Info at hotels and main train station could help with cycling maps and ideas too.
      Good luck, happy holiday!

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