Jan and Ian

Good Friday…

Easter begins in France. Everything is closed, much like at home in Australia, and the long weekend (Le weekend) beckons. The cold weather remains but the rain holds off and everyone is out enjoying the countryside. We are lucky to be well away from the main roads, so we don’t really know how many people are travelling to family celebrations or to escape work for a few days away, but on the side roads, walking and cycling tracks and in the countryside things are buzzing!

Rather than the occasional few we would expect to see each day as we ride north, today is like peak-hour on the freeway. Families are picnicing by the Rhine, roller-bladers, cyclists and horse-riders are in the forests, fishing lines are being cast in the ponds and the parks are bubbling over with pétanque players. It’s a celebration of community, family and the coming of spring (eventually…)

Our easy ride today ride takes us back to the banks of the Rhine again for the first time in several days, then to the little town of Drusenheim and our last night of this journey in France- and even treats us with some sunshine… Mmm,, sunshine!




  1. Kirk

    Glad you were able to see some storks–they’re a symbol of the Alsace and were always one of our favorite things about visiting the small towns there.

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