Jan and Ian

Not too many photos today because…

We have been particularly lucky with the weather on our ride so far. Yes, I know I have made quite a few mentions of wind, rain and cold, plus there were all those photos of snow covered mountains, of course, but on days when we have actually ridden there have so far been a grand total of ZERO rain showers. None. Not bad, considering the timing of our ride- late March is a bit optimistic for a pedal down the Rhine, after all. But we, happily, have been blessed with rain-free riding.

Until today. 

Rather than succumb to the gloomy forecast we woke to we decided to give it a shot- a relatively short 58 km.  shouldn’t be too bad, even with rain showers forecast to last all day. We were up to it- fighting fit after a 500 km. lead in to today’s ride. No worries.

And we actually didn’t have too many problems with the rain. Twenty km. in to the ride we were doing well, still fairly dry and making good progress. The lack of others on the track today made things a little lonely, especially after yesterday’s Easter crowds, but we were fairly motoring along!

Until, about 35 km. I realised that I could no longer feel my toes. Or my fingers. Or my hands, for that matter. Weirdly, the rest of me was no more than a bit chilly and damp but realising that I was turning to ice from my fingers and toes up was a little disconcerting. 

Jan, bless her thick Explorer socks, was handling things a bit better than me. But when I told her my cycle computer’s thermometer was reading 6.6° (as I looked at it the reading actually dipped to 6.1°) she decided she wasn’t receiving much feedback from her toes either. The head wind probably had the “feels like” temperature somewhere between freezing and Frozen. Talk about wind-chill!

So, to make a long, shivery story short, we headed for the nearest station and took a nice warm train to Karlsrhue, our destination for the night.  

Oh, and about six hours later my fingers could actually type this. 

And the pretty photos of Karlsrhue were taken the next day when Easter Sunday dawned bright and sunny.

(Frozen fingers don’t take good photos, I’ve found.)






  1. I remember on our wet & rainy Camino walk we kept hearing it was the worst rain in Portugal in 40 years!! Pffft!! No worries…. all part of the journey, even if you take a train now & then…glad the Easter Bunny found you 🐰💕

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