Jan and Ian


Our guide book, “The Rhine Cycling Route- From Source to Sea” suggested Duisburg as our overnight stop for the night but the combination of a quick start from Düsseldorf, a relatively short route for the day and an underwhelming first impression of Duisburg (very industrial, busy and a little depressing to ride in to, to be honest- although the centre was pleasant and we had a yummy lunch of leek cream soup from a cheery man who smiled, “Respect” when we told him what we were doing) persuaded us to keep riding… *

This was a good plan because three good things resulted…

1/ We were able to stay at the pleasant town of Rheinberg instead, which was smaller, prettier, had very good steak and delicious 70 cent ice creams

2/ We were able to leave the industry behind and enjoy some pretty countryside, no hills and big blue skies

3/ We passed the 1000 kilometre mark for the ride- in fact by day’s end we had officially broken our previous touring distance record!

We did have some fairly ordinary cycle paths at times, a closed section of the trail which caused a detour of several kilometres and a strong afternoon headwind, but our 68 kilometre ride was a very pleasing reward for a big effort. 


* I just realised that this is a 93 word sentence. Sorry. I’ll be more careful next time. Promise. 









  1. Muriel

    I think you are enjoying your ride much more since leaving the snow and cold behimd. Photos are still interesting. Only 3 weeks left. Love Mum

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