Jan and Ian

Across the border…

Little things happen when you cross a European border. Signs suddenly change languages, which can be disconcerting if you had a little knowledge of the previous language and none of the new one. Buildings sport different colours and architectural features, the quality of roads and cycle trails can decline or improve, depending upon the local administrations budget and priorities and , most importantly, a little flutter of excitement runs through you as you realise you are somewhere you have never been before.

This was me as we crossed the invisible line between Germany to The Netherlands. See if you can spot the moment we began our Dutch journey…


It’s nice to know we don’t have the only governments that spend a whole lot of money and then change policy. This is a $4 Billion nuclear power station never commissioned as a result of the Chernobyl disaster (wise move, but expensive…)

It was sold to a developer for $1 (yes, one dollar!) who turned it into an amusement park which attracts 600,000 happy fun seekers each year. 

Love it!



 Our lunch stop had us chatting to an Aussie girl and her Dad who were retracing the father’s younger days in this area where he grew up and Cecile who waited with us for the ferry and raced us down the loading ramp. Great fun!









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