Jan and Ian

Who said The Netherlands was flat?

 OK, it is a flat country, but not all of it- and the most un-flat bit seems to be to the north and west of Arnhem: right where our route took us ! None of the hills were too steep or too long but when you weren’t expecting any at all… 


Of course, when you ride up hills it means you also get to ride down them! Eventually we were back near the water again and enjoying the rhythms and colours of a new country. Sparkly water and green, green fields everywhere… gorgeous.



We finally sighted the Rhine again (although by now it has split into two, and soon to be five, separate versions of the river, each with its own name and way to the sea as the branches spread to form the Rhine Delta) and the pretty skyline of Wyjk bij Duurstede (I still can’t pronounce it!) appeared. So pretty we decided to schedule a rest day and enjoy two nights here, enjoying fresh new season asparagus, the world’s only drive-through windmill, the brick-a-brack fair on Saturday and the luxury of not having to re-pack for another day… Luxury!




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