Jan and Ian

The Road to Schoonhoven…

Today was all about the ride. Flat, still, beautiful paths (i.e. no cobbles, blocks or gravel 😊), sunny and gorgeous rural scenes the whole 52 kilometres!

With only a couple of villages along the way we hardly slowed below 20 km/h and when we did roll into a small town there were wonderful things to see, like 700 year old sluice gates, for example. The green, green fields and thatched farmhouses below the dyke were as beautiful as the constantly changing water views- canals, irrigation channels, ponds, back-waters and the river itself. Magic!

Two uninterrupted sections of about 20 kilometres each along the top of the dyke had is sharing the road with lots of Lycra clad Sunday riders (rare for Europe- most cyclist would never dream of wearing anything but regular clothes: Yes, I say… Dress for the day, not the ride! 👍🏻)

When we arrived at Schoonhoven at the luxuriously early time of 2:15 we had the whole sunny afternoon to explore, enjoy our first river-view hotel room and watch the river boats slip by. 

Now, that’s why you decide to bring your bicycle to Europe in the first place! 



Recommended! 9% alcohol, so walk carefully along the canal afterwards…  



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