Jan and Ian


The last kilometre sign. One thousand and thirty-one kilometres since they began in Basel, plus, for us, over 200 kilometres from Chur before that, and there it was, the last one. The end of the Rhine, or the Nieuwe Mass as it is called by this point. We had made it. We had reached our goal. We had followed the mighty Rhine from its source high in the Swiss Alps, to the sea, on this wind-swept “Corner of Holland”, Hoek van Holland.

The shallow snow fed stream bounding across a pebbly bed five countries ago had twisted and grown into five separate, rivers to reach the North Sea, and here we were at our chosen destination, standing at the blustery tip of a breakwater watching the blue, patient river empty into the grey, surging sea.

Walking the last kilometre along the breakwater, with ships entering and leaving the huge port complex which makes up much of the last stretch of the river, it suddenly hit home: we were finished… not finished our ride, as we still have five days till we reach Amsterdam, but finished our quest. It was one of those moments when you don’t know whether to be happy or sad… 




  1. rubyreddress100

    Congratulations to you both, and thanks for taking us along with you.
    When the clouds part and the sun comes out in The Netherlands, people take off their shirt, even if we think it’s still cold.

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