Jan and Ian

The Hague…

No rest! Just because the Rhine is behind us it doesn’t mean we are standing still.

Only a short 25 km. ride bit such a different experience! The river banks, canals, tow paths, dykes and forests are behind us and suddenly we are riding through sand dunes (with bicycle speed-humps, if you please!) and alongside North Sea beaches all the way to the outskirts of The Hague, home of Parliament, the Kimg and the Peace Palace, a forerunner to the U.N.

Time to park the bikes for an extra 24 hours and take in some amazing art by the Dutch Masters and Escher in their respective converted palace galleries… 

(Sorry, lots of photos- couldn’t help myself)


Green-houses to the horizon…


Could almost be a beach at home!


Cycle speed humps in the dunes.


The Peace Palace


The street outside the King’s palace


Two beautiful works of art!


The King is at home!


Bitterballen- seriously good bar snacks!

Our chef, who looks like Rembrandt, and his gorgeous twins.


Coffee and bikes- perfect!


The Hague’s emblem, the stork, is everywhere.


400 year old loft bedroom at our B & B- with washing, of course.


These stairs to our bedroom are NOT for the feint-hearted!



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