Jan and Ian


The 31st of October casts a peculiar spell over Americans, young and old. Four years ago when we were last here, coincidentally also at this time of year, much of the excitement on the east coast was blown away by Hurricane Sandy- can’t let the kids trick-or-treat if they are going to get blown away, a-la Dorothy and Toto.

This time, however, we got the deluxe package deal- the lead up, when pumpkins begin to mysteriously sprout in every shop and on every front step, the weekend before, when any adult looking for an excuse to party heads to the bars and streets fully kitted out in all manner of horror/pop culture/weird themed costumes and, finally on the actual day, the children, hand in hand with parents or grandparents, mostly, stalking the streets and extorting sticky, sugary treats from unsuspecting neighbours. 

We even encountered a family at the art gallery: Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion with their offspring dressed as the Scarecrow and… a little girl. We suspect the Tinman baulked at the idea of contemporary art and public humiliation. 


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