Jan and Ian

Bright light city…

OK, when Jan and I started planning this trip Vegas was not exactly in our top 10 list of places to go. Actually, not even our top 100.

However, keeping that in mind, it turned out to be a perfectly reasonable place to punctuate our road trip to the Grand Canyon. All the requisite Vegas attractions were observed, if not necessarily whole-heartedly embraced…

Bright lights: ✅

Wall to wall gambling: ✅

Wedding chapels: ✅

Glitzy shows featuring botoxed singers from another century, illusionists, Aussie male dance reviews, tribute bands, showgirls and your selection from Olivia, Celine or Brittany. 

Elvis impersonators: ✅

Bachelor parties/Hen’s nights: ✅

Dodgy looking gangster types: ✅

Tackiness on a grand scale: ✅

The world’s most iconic cities and architectural masterpieces reproduced at half-scale and sounding suspiciously hollow when you tapped them: ✅

Etc, etc.

And the bonus was that some of the excesses are actually quite fun/fascinating. They don’t even have to cost anything.The Bellagio Casino’s dancing fountain show is truly impressive, the Italian streetscape inside Ceasar’s Palace is surprisingly charming and some of the newer buildings are actually designed by architects and not B-grade Hollywood set directors.

The big bonus for us was the jaw-dropping Cirque du Soleil show, “Love”, featuring music by The Beatles, the most stunning theatrical staging we’ve ever seen and performers who took your breathe away time and time again. Extraordinary.



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